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(Translation: "A Safe India Means A Safe Daughter") 


WHY : Despite legal changes women are still not safe and court cases take too long.


The Campaign has 3 main goals: 
1. Gender sensitization in schools, colleges, public transport, taxis. 
2. Implementation of current laws. 
3. Getting all states of India to adopt best practices from within the country. 


After spending over 2 years to get Rape Evidence Kits implemented in India we finally moved forward after the Minister for Children's & Women's Welfare  said on June 20, 2018 that every Police station in India will get Rape Evidence Kits.


Our next campaigns goals are to look at implementation of laws and social attitudes.

We will run this Campaign in 4 phases. Phase 1 is "Creating Awareness"

We are looking to recruit celebrities and cricketers for this campaign and are moving on to the important issue of educating people, youth, students, taxi drivers and asking people to join our campaign. If you can think of anyone you know, please message us through the Join Movement Fields.

If you want to be a part of this movement then fill up the form and get in touch with us.